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Arsenal manager pushes blame to fans amid delay in solidifying new Arsenal dream

Mikel Arteta has claimed the absence of his side’s supporters has become an issue to his administration.

Football fans have been caused to support their various clubs from outside of the pitches due to the COVID19 Pandemic.

Although, several top authorities in the UK have solicited for the return of Fans to the Stadia but we are likely not seeing that happening anytime soon.

In a recent interview held by the Arsenal Manager, Arteta revealed how much the absence of his support has affected his team’s performance.

“What I can tell you is that obviously when you are trying to build a new project there is something that you need and that is your people and your crowd,” said Arteta.

“If not, you are unable to generate that synergy, that cohesion, that unity within them to feel that they belong to what we are trying to do – that they feel united, they feel close to what we are trying to do.

“It is really difficult and we are now suffering when they are not in the stadium because I really want them to see closely, not on TV but really closely, what the team is trying to do, what the players are putting in so they can feel that connection with them.

“So they will then be really participating in what we are trying to do and that is a really powerful thing and there are a few examples in this country of how important that is when you are trying to build something.

“It is a shame that we don’t have it but we just try and adapt and make the most out of it.”

Arsenal are back in action on Sunday when they head to Old Trafford, where incidentally Manchester United have said they are ready to welcome fans back as soon as the Government gives them the green light.


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