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Kieran Tierney full interview on Auba, Arteta, Martinelli and more

Arsenal left back Kieran Tierney took in an interview with news media, Open Goal Sport, about a couple of things which included his stay in England, Aubameyang, Luiz and a couple of other players and here are the most notable parts of the interview

When quizzed on English football: “For me, going into the first couple of training sessions it was the tempo. Honestly, the first session, I was against (Gabriel) Martinelli. Young boy, I knew he was good. I was like ‘Woah, this is the standard man. He is unbelievable’.”

He continued, “The effort and attitude was unreal (from Martinelli). Probably the biggest thing is the technique. I’ve not been gifted with that. All the young boys are unbelievable. Saka and Joe Willock, their technique is incredible man.”

Tierney on Arteta’s coaching, “Brilliant. In the video meetings, he tells you exactly how the game’s going to go. If he (opposition) presses you like that, you pass there. He can talk you through a game through his arms. It makes your job easier on the pitch.”

On Luiz, he said “He’s a legend. The biggest legend ever. I love him. He’s so good with all the young boys & everybody loves him. He’s a proper leader, like even if he’s not got the armband, he still leads.”

Kieran Tierney when asked about Arsenal talisman, Aubameyang, said “His pace mate, he’s the quickest player I’ve ever seen in my life. Mbappe was always the quickest I said but he’s just that quick, he’s frightening.“

“If the ball’s in behind he’s running onto it. See the one vs Man City, I’ve played it down to him & he scored. His touch to take it in on his right, he still gets the chance to look up & square it, then just puts it through the keepers legs. Unbelievable.”  he concluded.

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