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Liverpool take all points as Arteta’s men bow

Mikel Arteta has suffered his first defeat since the begining of the 2020/2021 EPL season.

Despite having led the game with a 22 minutes openers, Alexander Lacazette failed to restore Arsenal’s hope at the most critical point.

Gunners were 1 goal down and Lacazette found himself on a one-on-one challenge with Alisson Becker but failed to capitalize on that.

Sadio Mane was exceptional as usual tonight while Willian contributed as much as he could, including a good defensive act when he chased down Robertson to stop a goal.

Arsenal failed to hold to the 2-1 defeat as Diego Jota after missing his first attempt managed to net on his debut game.

Liverpool are on the verge of retaining the trophy as they have proven to be stronger so far.

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