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Mesut Ozil challenges Arsenal to say ‘Muslim Lives Matter’

Mesut Ozil challenges Arsenal to say ‘Muslim Lives Matter’

Arsenal’s midfielder Mesut Ozil has condemned the London club’s response to his remarks about the abuse of Uyghur Muslims and has approached the Gunners to say “Muslim Lives Matter.”

In a meeting with The Athletic, Ozil said Arsenal were glad to engage in political issues by supporting the Black Lives Matters development.

He stated: “I have given a great deal to Arsenal, here and there the pitch, so the response was disappointing. They said they don’t engage in governmental issues however this isn’t legislative issues and they have associated with different issues.”

Ozil likewise needs Arsenal to show support for “Muslim Lives Matter” just as “People of color Matter.”

He stated: “In America, we saw George Floyd executed and the world talked up to state Black Lives Matter, and that is right. We are on the whole equivalent and it is ideal that individuals battle against injustice. There are a great deal of dark players and devotees of Arsenal and it’s incredible the club is supporting them.

“However, I wish individuals would have done likewise for the Muslims since Arsenal have numerous Muslim players and fans too, and it is significant for the world to state that Muslim Lives Matter.”

In December 2019, Ozil stood up emphatically against China’s treatment of the Uyghur populace in Xinjiang, where over a million people have supposedly been held in confinement camps over late years.

Ozil’s Instagram message read: “East Turkistan, the draining injury of the Ummah, opposing against the persecutors attempting to isolate them from their religion.

“They consume their Qurans. They shut down their mosques. They boycott their schools. They slaughter their sacred men. The men are constrained into camps and their families are compelled to live with Chinese men. The ladies are compelled to wed Chinese men.

“Be that as it may, Muslims are quiet. They won’t make a commotion. They have surrendered them. Don’t they realize that giving assent for mistreatment is oppression itself?”

Be that as it may, Arsenal moved to remove themselves from his remarks and looked to restrain any harm to their business in China, a move Ozil today told The Athletic he was not content with.

An announcement delivered by the club at the time on Chinese online networking website Weibo stated: “With respect to the remarks made by Mesut Ozil via web-based networking media, Arsenal must offer an unmistakable expression.

“The substance distributed is Ozil’s genuine belief. As a football club, Arsenal has consistently clung to the guideline of not including itself in governmental issues.”

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