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Mikel Arteta vs Jose Mourinho: A detailed look months down the line

When Arsenal parted ways with Spanish tactician, Unai Emery, many names were thrown around as to which would make the best replacement and take the club forward, with it evident that the club needed change that Emery could not offer.

One of the names that made the most rounds was Portuguese coaching legend, Jose Mourinho. Jose Mourinho, of course, has won trophies everywhere he has been and is a proven performer so it was not much of a surprise to see some calling for him even when his pragmatic approach to football is entirely opposite to what Arsenal exhibited and got known for over two(2) decades in the Wenger era.

Jose Mourinho was believed to be the front runner for the job, he was even spotted at the Emirates attending an Arsenal match where he sat side by side with Edu Gasper. In the end though, Mourinho joined Tottenham Hotspur and the Arsenal job went to Manchester City assistant coach and former Arsenal midfielder, Mikel Arteta.

Many Argued that Mikel Arteta was quite relatively young and inexperienced for such a job and understandably so. But at the end of their respective seasons, it is quite safe to say that Mikel Arteta has had the edge over Jose Mourinho. Let use dive into the numbers and take a detailed look at the stats behind both men.

Manager Jose Mourinho Mikel Arteta
Played 35 28
Won 16 16
Drawn 8 6
Lost 11 6
Scored 58 46
Conceded 48 26
Goals scored Per game 1.66 1.61
Goals conceded per game 1.37 0.93
EPL points per game 1.60 1.93


A detailed look at the above stats shows Mikel Arteta is proving to be the right man for the Job. Jose Mourinho has averaged a little more goals per game than Arteta, however Arteta has concerned much less which is very much a relieve as Arsenal badly needed a defensive resurgence before the appointment of Arteta which they have fortunately gotten.

Both managers have won sixteen(16) games respectively for their various clubs but Jose Mourinho has played seven(7) more matches than Mikel Arteta which means Arteta still leads the way in that department.

In the Premier League front, Tottenham may have well finished above Arsenal but that is definitely not a deciding factor in favour of Mourinho here as Arteta has averaged more Premier League points per game than his Portuguese counterpart.

And let’s not forget the icing on the cake, Mikel Arteta bagged Arsenal a trophy, same can’t be said of Jose at Spurs. Mikel Arteta is, at least at the moment, the right man for the Arsenal job and the board must do well to give him the financial backing he deserves.

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