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Real Madrid make final decision on Dani Ceballos

Real Madrid has taken a turn in the reinforcements chapter. If you have already communicated to the Royal Society that you are recovering one of your loaned players with more future, Martin Odegaard, now the return of Dani Ceballos, who has played this last season on loan at Arsenal, is also considering.

Things have had to change a lot after the elimination against City with a defeat at the Etihad included for Madrid not to rule out a midfielder that Zidane did not have in principle in his plans. Or at least that was the impression of Ceballos himself, who in one of his last interviews insisted that he was awaiting a talk with Zidane to decide his future but that he was aware that he had it very complicated with the French.

Faced with a season that seems very delicate in the economic plane due to the pandemic, the return of Ceballos perfectly fulfills the idea of ​​the club to re-catch players of its property at zero cost. The idea of ​​the club is that he does the preseason with Zidane and then the coach decides, but the great end of the season for Ceballos with Arsenal, where he has been key in midfield to win the FA Cup, eliminate City and Chelsea in the final, makes Madrid study the neos to give another chance to the Utreran, signed in 2017 from Betis for 16.6 million euros.

Ceballos had a supporting role in Zidane’s final year. With Lopetegui it seemed that he would have more prominence but the return of Zidane made him look for a way out. Now there was talk of staying at Arsenal for another year or even returning to Betis, but Madrid’s new position can change everything.

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