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Top 10 Best Arsenal attackers of all Time

Top 10 Best Arsenal attackers of all Time

A team with a lot of Premier League titles must have been driven by really hot forwards. When talking of Arsenal FC, they don’t only have a lot of titles, they are the third-best team behind Manchester United and Liverpool, with 13 Premier League titles.

The question is; “who are these strikers behind Arsenal’s tremendous successes in all competitions?”
Over the years, Arsenal has played host to some of the world’s hottest forwards in the football industry. From Thierry Henry, down to the current captain, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, it seems Arsenal FC has a good eye for forwards.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the most effective strikers in Arsenal history. While this list is arranged in no particular order, you’ll surely go off with some valuable information about some of the best Arsenal attackers in history

1.Thierry Henry

Top 10 Best Arsenal attackers of all Time
Top 10 Best Arsenal attackers of all Time

In any listing, Thierry Henry remains the undisputed king of Arsenal attack ever, and even the best player to have ever featured for Arsenal, according to some. He was named in the PFA Team of the year six times in a row.

He was once the runner-up for both the Ballon D’or and the FIFA World Player of the Year, and he featured in the UEFA Team of the Year five times. Most of his successes at Arsenal were achieved during his first stint, between 1999 and 2007.

During his reign, he was feared for his confidence in front of the goal, and his presence in a match is already one goal up. He is Arsenal’s leading goal scorer till date, having netted 228 goals for Arsenal over his eventful stay at the club.

To date, he is regarded as Arsenal’s most successful striker, and one of the most successful strikers in the premier league, altogether.

2.Dennis Bergkamp

Top 10 Best Arsenal attackers of all Time

There can’t be a list of top Arsenal players without Dennis Bergkamp. Dennis is a Dutch forward, who signed for Arsenal in 2006, and played for 10 years.

Over his stay at the club, he was able to quickly transform football at Arsenal from boring to exciting. Netting 120 goals in 423 appearances were enough to get his statue at the Emirates stadium. On two different occasions, he had finished third in the FIFA Player of the Year awards.

He also managed to amass a good number of an individual award, despite having aviophobia.

3.Ian Wright

Top 10 Best Arsenal attackers of all Time
Top 10 Best Arsenal attackers of all Time

Ian Wright has enjoyed popularity as the most Englishman in Arsenal attack, ever. Having netted 185 goals in 288 appearances, Thierry Henry is the only name before him in the list of Arsenal’s record goal scorers.

He has a lot of awards at his belt, and he also won the league, FA Cup, League Cup and the European Winners’ Cup, before moving on from Arsenal.

4.Alan Smith

Top 10 Best Arsenal attackers of all Time
Top 10 Best Arsenal attackers of all Time

Alan Smith is also one of the unforgettable names in Arsenal’s history when it comes to the attacking scene. He found the back of the net at least 115 times in his 347 appearances for Arsenal, which won him two Golden Boots.

He was Arsenal’s top scorer for four seasons consecutively. After netting 23 goals, he finished as the top scorer in the 1988-1989 season. Although Alan Smith featured for some other clubs other than Arsenal FC, his sojourn at the Gunners is something to write home about.

5.Paul Merson

Top 10 Best Arsenal attackers of all Time

Paul Merson is another Gunner worth mentioning in a list of the best strikers to ever play for Arsenal.
Although he joined Arsenal at the youth level, it was not long before he was allowed to prove himself at the senior level. He was sent off to Brentford for senior-level football experience, after which he was given a chance in the Arsenal football team.

He netted 3 goals in his first five matches, putting him on the league of exceptional strikers for the North London side. He won the league title with Arsenal twice, as well as some other less known trophies.

He netted 99 goals for Arsenal before his career took a negative turn after he was found to be addicted to cocaine and alcohol. He had to go off football for a three months rehabilitation, and he returned later, not as a striker but an attacking midfielder.

However, his place amongst the top strikers ever to play for Arsenal is already reserved!

6.Reginald Lewis

Top 10 Best Arsenal attackers of all Time

Had it not been for the Second World War, Reginald Lewis might be the Thierry Henry of Arsenal.

Officially, Reginald Lewis scored 116 goals through his 176 appearances for the Arsenal senior team. However, behind the scenes, Lewis is a much more deadly attacker.
While 116 in 176 isn’t a bad stat for an attacker, Reginald Lewis’ actual figures are believed to stand around 392 in 451. However, all the matches played during the WWII are considered unofficial, rendering the better part of Reginald Lewis’ career void.

After scoring 143 goals in 130 games, he had to join the British Army in the world war. He returned to football at 26, when he was weaker, and this part of his career was tormented by injuries.

While the unofficial part of his career could move him to the best Arsenal attacker ever, the unofficial part isn’t too bad and could get him a place in just any legendary rankings.

7.Alexis Sanchez

Top 10 Best Arsenal attackers of all Time
Top 10 Best Arsenal attackers of all Time

Although Alexis Sanchez’s post-Arsenal Career is nothing to write home about, his stint at Arsenal is an excellent one, and he deserves a place in the most effective Arsenal forwards.

Netting 80 times in his 166 appearances for Arsenal FC, he is popularly known for his effectiveness in the forward position, and the presence of Alexis in the Arsenal frontline is almost surely a goal.

Due to his excellence at Arsenal, Manchester United indicated an interest in his signature, which they got, in an exchange deal where Henrikh Mkhitaryan moved to Arsenal. Also, the contract he signed with Manchester United made him the highest-paid Premier League player then.

Contrary to what everyone expected, Alexis Sanchez couldn’t replicate his Arsenal form at Manchester United, instead, he was a total flop.

However, this is about the most successful Arsenal strikers ever, and Alexis Sanchez is statistically one of them.

8.Robert Pires

Top 10 Best Arsenal attackers of all Time
Robert Pires was one of the most effective attackers in the famed Arsenal invincible seasons with the player proving very effective down the left-wing and scoring tons of crucial goals.
His understanding of play with Denis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry was magical as to be known to perfection when to make moves, stay back, and as well when to release his usual line-breaking passes.
When Robert Pires arrived at the club from Metz, he struggled initially, but with the patience and guidance of the manager, Arsene Wenger, he flourished and went on to tally 85 goals and 41 assists in 283 appearances for the club and very much earns a place on this list.

9.Robin Van Persie

Top 10 Best Arsenal attackers of all Time
Top 10 Best Arsenal attackers of all Time

Robin Van Persie is recognized as one of the best strikers of his generation. He is the 8th record goalscorer for Arsenal with 132 goals in 278 appearances. He is also the record goalscorer for the Netherlands, scoring 50 goals in 102 appearances for the Dutch National Team.

He started his professional career at the Dutch side, Feyenoord where he was named the Dutch Football Talent of the Year. After falling out of favor with the Dutch manager, he secured a transfer the Gunners where he later became the club captain.

He was named the Arsenal Player of the Season for the 2011-12 season and he also won the Premier League, Golden Boot, twice, in the 2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons respectively.

10.John Radford

Top 10 Best Arsenal attackers of all Time
Top 10 Best Arsenal attackers of all Time

John Radford is a highly talented forward who is officially Arsenal’s 4th record goalscorer, with a record of 149 goals in his 379 appearances for the Gunners.

He is comfortable exploiting the opposing defense from the center-forward, but he occasionally attacks from the right-wing. He became Arsenal’s youngest hat-trick scorer at 17 years and 315 days, scoring against Wolves, a record that hasn’t been surpassed.

As Radford ages, he began to experience a downward turn in his career and he was only used sparingly. He later moved to West Ham United in 1976, before being sent down to Blackburn Rovers, following an unsuccessful stay at West Ham.
However, being the 4th best goal scorer is not a small feat and it has given John Radford a placement amongst the best Arsenal strikers.


Arsenal FC is one of the most successful clubs in the Premier League, no doubt. Over the years, they’ve employed the services of some awesome strikers that have made their 13 Premier League titles possible.

While our listing might not be what you expect, that’s football. There are thousands of metrics that can be used to judge the efficiency of a striker, and you might be looking at it from a different angle.

In a nutshell, this is our final list for the top 10 best Arsenal strikers of all time.

Now sit back, relax and watch of Arsenal’s greatest goals

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